Week 1: Radish Sambar

Today I attempted to my mom’s version of the very yummy radish sambar.  I emphasize the word attempt in the sentence above, because at one point in this process I got so hungry that I called my mother and almost burst into tears. Why does Indian food take so FLIPPING LONG to make?!? Also – it is not smart to wait until you are actually hungry to start cooking.

At first things went well. I had some nice cooking music on, I chopped my radishes and onion quickly and fried/ sauteed/ whatevered my fenugreek and urad dal in oil.

Then for some reason I misread my notes from the recipe my mom had given me over the phone yesterday. I took my beautifully chopped vegetables and tried to fry them…

in water.

(I blame the hunger as I hadn’t eaten lunch properly)

After getting more confused when the next line read “boil until cooked” I called my mom and discovered my error. Thankfully she is a much better cook than I (and my dad can make jalebis around us both while blindfolded) so she was able to make a very good suggestion: “Well, it’s all still edible. Keep going and add more spice to cover up the taste. Did you make rice already?”

Thanks Mom.

Wait – what?

Oh that’s right. I was trying to make radish sambar and forgot to make the rice to go with it… *SIGH* Seriously folks, do not cook when hungry.

Determined to finish, I added the watery tamarind mixture and the remaining spices to the mix (neglecting the toovar dal I had also forgotten to make).

It ended up looking realistic enough I suppose. I’m waiting for the rice to finish cooling while I write this. I may have also made an emergency batch of instant sambar just in case (Thank you GITS!)

If I die, at least I won’t have to eat any green veggies. But who would’ve thought it would be the white ones that did me in?
Fenugreek & urad dal in oil

Fenugreek & urad dal in oil

Beautifully chopped radishes

Beautifully chopped radishes

WAY too much tamarind compared to proper ratio

WAY too much tamarind compared to proper ratio



Finished product?

Finished product?


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