Week 2: Roasted Turnips with Cardamom-Maple Syrup Glaze

Woah. Just typing out the title of this post made me feel epic. It is seconded by the very delicious taste of the turnips I’m eating! Today’s recipe comes from the LFF blog again – and it was definitely a surprise win. When I suggested it to my roommate, she was like “What on earth is that? Why would you mix those things together?” I suppose this is the one time in my life when being clueless at ingredients actually helped because I went ahead with it anyway 😛

Cutting the turnips with my new favorite kitchen utensil and slathering on olive oil wasn’t difficult. In fact, I even got to use this cute little packet thing I got from my Goodies box last week. I almost forgot the salt on top to season, but remembered just as I was putting the pan of sliced turnips into the oven. They came out a little brown I thought, but ended up tasting ok and only a little too tender. And what I thought was way too much salt ended up being just right.

Roasted turnips

Roasted turnips

While the turnips were cooking though, I made the sauce – mixing a variety of spices I’ve only ever used in Indian cooking… and pancakes (Did I mention I’m great at breakfast food? I make a mean bowl of frosted flakes). Maple syrup and vanilla extract were the easiest – I kind of forgot what coriander powder looked like so I just Googled the term to translate into hindi and then crushed the full seeds I had sitting in my Indian spice rack (the one I never used to touch). I also forgot I only had full cardamom pods instead of the powder so there were a few awkward minutes of trying to crush it with a spoon, ladle, and knife. Finally I buckled and used my molars. My god, no wonder human beings have taken over the planet – our teeth alone are ridiculously tough. Anyways, the sauce smelled amazing even if there were random little pieces floating around that shouldn’t have been there.

This smells Really Good

This smells Really Good


Finally I just dumped everything together, mashed it up and nervously took a bite. YUM! But what I thought would tide me over for two lunches this week is probably more like a snack 😦 But definitely a repeat recipe for later and with far more turnips. It’d make a good surprise side dish or appetizer I think.





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  1. […] My roommate actually used up the turnips for a very interesting maple syrup and cardamom dish… quite interesting. […]


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