Week 2: I Dreamed a Kale Pesto

This recipe sounded delicious to me.  Unfortunately, legit summer (and vacation season) is upon us and has swept away my logical winter routines. Due to memorial day weekend, I was only able to prep the kale and chop the garlic. But definitely putting this back on the “make later” shelf.

Lesson learned from this week? A magic bullet is apparently NOT an appropriate substitute for a food processor. I might have tried to blend something only to end up with a Bullet that made strange dying noises. Time to start buying kitchen appliances. >.>

And speaking of which, my roomie just got a fancy salad spinner which will make dealing with this bombardment of leafy greens much more tolerable.

Also, our friend Hema is moving about 10 min away from us for a summer internship! Hopefully we can take advantage of her foodie expertise and force feed her some of these vegetables at the same time 🙂



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