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Week 6: HELP!

So… as some of you have noticed *coughHemacough* I haven’t been posting. This has been partially due to the fact that I’ve been repeating recipes like the potato radish celery salad, and going to a lot of temple functions where Aunties try to stuff me with food and demand I take home leftovers.

However the main cause is that I haven’t been cooking. Which now means I have a CRAP TON of vegetables in my fridge. And when my roommate left for a week-long vacation on Monday night she left with the directive to “water the plants and eat the vegetables”.  So I thought I’d list all the things I have in my fridge and hopefully some of you will have recipes to use them in. Also, if you live nearby, you are welcome to come over for dinner repeatedly for the next week. 😀

Here we go:

Celery – 1.5 large stalks

Cucumber – 1

Garlic scapes – 5 (very potent)

Green beans – 1 grocery plastic bag full

Lettuce, red – 1 fresh stalk

Lettuce, green – 1 slightly wilty stalk

Onions, white – 3 big ones

Potatoes – 22 (yes you read that right, I have twenty two of these buggers)

Snap peas – 1 grocery plastic bag full

Zucchini – 1 yellow stalk (not sure if these come in multiple colors)

Cabbage thing – 1 ball/head/etc that is bigger than some small mammals (see picture below)

2013-07-03 12.23.29