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Week 3: Creamy Potato Radish Salad

Today marks an important day: I made something with potato for the second time since I graduated from college.

Considering my mom makes a potato dish at least once a week, she is baffled by my sudden lack of starch – but no fear: I get it from a multitude of frozen products. Yay… Not.


Anyways… I found this deceivingly simple recipe  online and it was a great find! Took care of a lot of basket items: radishes, potatoes, scallions, and dill.

I made a few changes in my version:

Regular brown potatoes instead of red (see below picture)



Dijonnaise instead of just mustard (the recipe does call for mayonnaise though, so it wasn’t a total loss)

Heavy whipping cream instead of heavy cream (not sure if there is a difference)

I didn't buy Hellman's... oops.

I didn’t buy Hellman’s mayo… oops.

Red scallions instead of white

No celery or lemon zest… or salt or pepper now that I think about it.


So now that I butchered this recipe… it actually turned out great! I think I added a little too much dill but the dressing itself is amazing and the rest of the vegetables taste great even though only the potato was cooked. Definitely a repeat recipe for my table 🙂


Week 3: Peas + Mushrooms

At first I was going to call this a stir fry, because

(a) the original recipe said so and

(b) technically there was a lot of stirring and frying (in oil instead of water this time).


However, because my mother raised me to be truthful, I have to admit there are only 4 ingredients in this “recipe” that I am now devouring in delight for dinner:

Snow peas (both ends snapped off)

Mushrooms (thinly sort of sliced)

Olive Oil (to stir everything in)

Soy Sauce (the world’s miracle condiment, to add at the end)


You’ll notice a suspicious lack of anything else, but this side dish has been so good I haven’t stopped eating it so I can make other food. Oops. Here is a pretty pictures instead:

Great earthy tones here



Week 3: Pasta with Random Green Herb

Penne noodles + Ragu sauce is a pretty familiar dish at my table.  But this week, we had a mystery ingredient!

Seriously, what is it?

Seriously, what is it?


The roomie and I definitely looked at it for a while for the little green snake it resembles. Finally she dug her nail in and took a sniff (very brave considering I was ready to throw it out) and proclaimed “It’s garlic!”

Not sure what happened to the bulbs, or rest of the stalks, or you know – any of the identifying parts of the plant but it had a nice fresh garlic taste so I dropped it into an otherwise normal bowl of pasta and sauce and called it dinner and leftovers.

This has been a terribly slow week for cooking but I have a few awesome ideas for next week set up – stay tuned!

Week 3: Burrito Bowl with Microgreens

I make burrito bowls pretty regularly. They are a fantastic quick meal that makes me feel relatively healthy.


Today’s lesson is to not mess with that recipe. Microgreens are NOT acceptable substitutes for lettuce. They have a weird texture but the thing that really makes them not work is the dark intense bitterness. SO GROSS. 

First time since this started that I haven’t liked my dish :/

Week 2: Burrito Bowl

My roommate and I currently have a ridiculous amount of lettuce so last night we decided to team up and try to finish off a good chunk via a burrito bowl before we both go out of town for the long weekend.

This is only 1/3 of the lettuce we have to finish off

This is only 1/3 of the lettuce we have to finish off


Prep was pretty quick as usual – she got to try out our new knife on the green peppers (a green thing I’ve never eaten outside of a pizza before!)

Surprisingly tasty

Surprisingly tasty

I boiled some of the dried beans my mom got me about a year ago. These have been life savers because I can make just the right amount of refried beans without having to open up a whole can – and they store nicely in the pantry for basically forever. Seriously need to get more of these via the Indian food network: where people going home (be it India or Michigan) bring back things that their friends’ parents have sent along with them. This is usually limited to sweets and muruku but I suppose I can Americanize it a little bit 😛

Anyways, I basically boil the beans, cut up lettuce (and now green peppers) and then mix it in a bowl with some shredded cheese. Top it off with sour cream and salsa. Big fan of the one bowl meal here. It was fun making and eating dinner with the roomie yesterday – we usually have completely different schedules so I’ve gone 2-3 days at a time without seeing her sometimes. O.o Tonight I’m going to try to make kale pesto so stay tuned for that!


Week 2: Roasted Turnips with Cardamom-Maple Syrup Glaze

Woah. Just typing out the title of this post made me feel epic. It is seconded by the very delicious taste of the turnips I’m eating! Today’s recipe comes from the LFF blog again – and it was definitely a surprise win. When I suggested it to my roommate, she was like “What on earth is that? Why would you mix those things together?” I suppose this is the one time in my life when being clueless at ingredients actually helped because I went ahead with it anyway 😛

Cutting the turnips with my new favorite kitchen utensil and slathering on olive oil wasn’t difficult. In fact, I even got to use this cute little packet thing I got from my Goodies box last week. I almost forgot the salt on top to season, but remembered just as I was putting the pan of sliced turnips into the oven. They came out a little brown I thought, but ended up tasting ok and only a little too tender. And what I thought was way too much salt ended up being just right.

Roasted turnips

Roasted turnips

While the turnips were cooking though, I made the sauce – mixing a variety of spices I’ve only ever used in Indian cooking… and pancakes (Did I mention I’m great at breakfast food? I make a mean bowl of frosted flakes). Maple syrup and vanilla extract were the easiest – I kind of forgot what coriander powder looked like so I just Googled the term to translate into hindi and then crushed the full seeds I had sitting in my Indian spice rack (the one I never used to touch). I also forgot I only had full cardamom pods instead of the powder so there were a few awkward minutes of trying to crush it with a spoon, ladle, and knife. Finally I buckled and used my molars. My god, no wonder human beings have taken over the planet – our teeth alone are ridiculously tough. Anyways, the sauce smelled amazing even if there were random little pieces floating around that shouldn’t have been there.

This smells Really Good

This smells Really Good


Finally I just dumped everything together, mashed it up and nervously took a bite. YUM! But what I thought would tide me over for two lunches this week is probably more like a snack 😦 But definitely a repeat recipe for later and with far more turnips. It’d make a good surprise side dish or appetizer I think.




Week 1: Stir Fry

I have success! Finally.

Last night I made a stir fry recipe that I found on the Lancaster Farm Fresh recipe blog. I even took a page from my roomie’s handbook and tossed in random vegetables just because I had them – deviating from a set recipe for the first time in my life. O.o  I used a lot of ingredients I’ve never cooked with before – namely sesame oil, peanut oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, bok choy, green onions, ginger, mizuna, garlic, mushrooms. So yeah… basically everything except the spinach. :/

So. Much. Green.

So. Much. Green.

On the right side above you might notice a little silver thing… that’s right! I got a new knife (only $8 at ShopRite) that is amazing at cutting up veggies. I’d gotten sick of having to saw through tomatoes to make bhel puri last week and my roommate’s been dying for one any way. This isn’t quite a “Iron Chef” knife or anything, but it definitely does the job. See?


I like cutting things with my new knife :)

I like cutting things with my new knife 🙂

Normally you prep the tofu before you start on the greens, but as my tofu was still partially ice

Tofu ice

Tofu ice

I figured it was best to proceed with the veggies while the tofu thawed. It was rather easy actually – toss in these random liquidy things, toss in those green things, toss everything until something wilts and then add the next green thing. After I was done with those, (see picture below) I set aside the wok (borrowed from my roomie who borrowed it from her sister about 3 months ago) and moved on to the tofu blocks. Now I usually make tofu into little blocks and cook in oil for a snack, but adding the soy sauce flavor made them really yummy. My wok went from blah..

Almost ready!

Almost ready!

To fancy just like that!



Add in a little mango (below) and a friend (not pictured) for company…

Had to throw in some mango lassi

Had to throw in some mango lassi

Voila! My first legitimately good meal from the CSA vegetables. Perhaps the next 24 weeks won’t suck as much as I thought they would 🙂

Now if I could just find a way to get rid of that nasty radish sambar.